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|CREATE|button photo frame re-do

We received this lovely button photo frame for Christmas and although I love it, there's no brown in our home and so it sat in a drawer unused.

I was looking for a photo frame to display a craft project and found this one, so I decided to have a go at changing the colour.

At first I tried a base coat of gesso, with a layer of iridescent paint to finish.

As you can see, this was a complete disaster!  I know that lots of people use gesso in craft projects but I've never had any luck at all with it.  Not sure where I'm going wrong but I think my craft cupboard is going to become a gesso free zone!

I needed to get that bad finish off of the frame if I was to use it, otherwise it was heading in the bin!  I decided to use some trusty nitromorse to remove the paint, the frame was ruined anyway so I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound and brushed it on.  After a while the paint started to come off quite successfully, there was still hope, I could possibly still paint the frame and use it.

As you can see, the nitromorse worked quite well and most of the paint was removed.

Once the frame was clear of the failed paint job I could try painting again.  This time I used an ivory spray paint, which, I'm pleased to say worked really well.  It wasn't quite as smooth as it would have been if I hadn't had the initial paint disaster but all things considered it covered rally well.

I used a bradawl to clear each of the holes in the buttons and painted the frame with some glitter nail varnish to give it a bit of texture and glitz.

My frame was complete, I just needed to create the display inside.

I saw something similar on etsy a while back and knew that it would be perfect as a memento of our wedding in Antigua, I printed an old map, then sewed a heart around the location of our wedding, placing a gem heart as close to the exact place as I could get.  I also sewed our wedding date using gems to separate. 

This is how the project looks in-situ, unfortunately I can't get a better picture from our rather dark bedroom, in reality it's not quite as yellow.

There will be a tour of our bedroom, post soon so some photos from a distance might show the colour a bit more accurately.

I'm so thrilled with this project, both the frame and the map, I'm feeling really inspired to create more things for our home that would otherwise be unused or discarded.

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