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|FAMILY|toddler activities - fun with feathers, packing peanuts and air!

At nursery the little fella and his key carer put feathers in the elefun which he loved. Because they know we have an elefun at home they wrote about it in his communication book and so we gave this a go and had lots of fun, he couldn't stop giggling especially when I pretended not to know they were in there and they blew in my face.

For anyone not familiar with the elefun, small balls are blown out of the elephants trunk by air, if the trunk is angled correctly they fall down the ear and go back into the trunk to be blown out again if not they shoot out and have to be put in the ear before the music ends and the air stops.

This led us to start exploring other materials that we could use in the elefun, we tried packing peanuts which worked the best and we also tried confetti.  The packing peanuts were a huge sucess, they shot out of the elefun and because they are slightly weighty some even fell down the ear and back in the trunk to be blown out again like the balls do.  The confetti wasn't so good as it was a bit light, although I might try punched paper in a greater quantity.

I've been thinking of other things that might also work as I think it would be fun to put different things in the trunk and surprise the little fella when he switches it on.  A couple of ideas I have had so far are lightweight crisps eg wotsits or skips and rice paper cupcake toppers.

Have you used anything else in your elefun?  I'd love to hear from you, share your ideas in the comments.

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