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|FAMILY|summer bucket list update - apple nachos

Another item crossed off the summer bucket list, I'd seen a few pins on pinterest for apple nachos and decided that these could be a good desert for when we are on our staycation with the kids.

Our toppings - crushed up meringue nests, fudge pieces, chopped pecans, mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.

After cutting up the apples I coated them in lemon juice so they didn't go brown during lunch.

We also had bought chocolate caramel sauce and honey.  Next time I would try making the caramel sauce in this recipe.

I was in 2 minds as to whether T would have any apple nachos but in the end I let him, I also let him select his own toppings (all of them!) he was really good, ate the apples, nuts and marshmallows but left anything still in his bowl.

This was such a hit H has already asked if we can have it again, I'm even considering serving them next time we entertain.

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