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|DOCUMENT|project life update

So, last week I received an email from hobbycraft advertising project life supplies! Imagine my surprise. I've seen hundreds of tweets and instagrams from becky higgins about PL products hitting the US market and american crafts now producing PL kits, yet no mention of it coming to the UK.

Anyway I digress, obviously I ordered straight away, the choice is limited to say the least and until next month you can only order online but I received my new kit and page protectors yesterday with free postage so I really could argue with that!  Beats my experience last year of ordering from canada and waiting months to receive it!

I'll be honest, this year I've really struggled with PL, I have photos for every day and stories I want to remember in my diary but I haven't even completed my weekly PL plans for about 4 months. Finding that I could buy a new kit in the UK was just what I needed to give my mojo a boost!

Last year I could only get hold of the amber kit and I just couldn't get on with it and felt totally uninspired, so I purchased the clementine digi kit and got my motivation back for the rest of the year.  The new kits were not on offer in the UK until well into the year (or not that I knew of!) and so again I ordered digi, I ordered the seafoam, baby boy and wellington editions.  Within weeks, I didn't have time to print my photos let alone mess about with printing and cutting out cards and I think that's why I gave up.  However, I absolutely LOVE those and many of the new editions. 

I am so pleased to have a new kit to play with, T helped me open it this morning saying 'oh wow' every time I looked at the cards so I gave him some grid ones to draw on, I'm really pleased with them and will definitely encourage him to do this again maybe each month so I can see how his style/abilities change as he grow.

Off on another new PL journey...

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