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|CREATE|making a t-shirt with an iron on transfer

T's nursery had a willy wonker chocolate day recently. It was more for the older children but the younger ones joined in some of the activities and were encouraged to dress up too. I like T to take part in days like this and love dressing him up when I can. Costumes for under 2's are hard to come by unless you order from overseas and pay a lot of money. 

I decided that instead of dressing him up, on this occasion I'd just make him a themed t-shirt. I've had some HP's iron-on transfer paperq for years and have only used it once to make T an easter bag for his first easter.

The t-shirt worked out really well, I hadn't realised that the paper I had was for an inkjet not laser printer so I had a bit of difficulty getting the image to transfer, but to be honest this really added to the retro look for me!  The hubs and I really wanted something like the seaside souvenir t-shirts we had when we were children.  The image wasn't as sharp once ironed on but the overall effect was great and he had lots of lovely comments at nursery!

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