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|COOK|homemade pizza

Made homemade pizza this weekend, they are one of the kids favourite dinners.  I used 2 quantities of Elise Blaha-Cripes wholewheat pizza base for the 5 of us, I have a tub of yeast rather than packets and so I used 2 1/2 tsps not sure if that works out as 2 packets but it seemed to work ok and we all enjoyed it!  There was enough left for one extra child size pizza.

I am hugely inspired by Elise's 40 pizzas, we eat pizza at least once a week, usually takeaway delivery but sometimes supermarket make your own.  Everytime I make homemade I regret not having bases and sauce already prepared in the freezer so we can make our own on a work night, just throw on some toppings and cheese and its quicker than delivery and about the same time as supermarket.  September is going to be a real push for me to eat healthier, more local and homemade.  This week I'll be making more dough and sauce to put in the freezer, need to defrost and purge first though - eugh!

We used a portion of my basic tomato sauce which I blended, the only change I made was to substitute the basil for 1 tsp of my own italian dried herb mix, which is equal parts of garlic salt, dried basil, thyme, oregano & rosemary.  Could have done with some fresh basil to top it off, but didn't have any!  

We used cheddar this time as it was on offer and we have a huge block but mozzarella is much nicer and not as heavy.  The hubs and kids had ham, pepperoni and chicken on theirs.  H is a little pineapple fiend too and loaded his with it.

And for pizza puritans, I know that pineapple on pizza is a sin, but I love it on everything! 😀

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