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|COOK|basic tomato soup

This is my basic tomato sauce recipe slightly adapted, it's my go to recipe as its super easy.

Basic recipe - serves 4
3 cans chopped tinned tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato purée
2 dsp olive oil
2 dsp honey
1 pint stock
1 large onion, diced
Handful basil

1. gently fry the onion in olive oil until soft. 
2. drain 1 can of tomatoes and set tomatoes aside.
3. add the juice and 2 cans of tomatoes to the onions along with all other ingredients and simmer for 35 minutes.
4. blend the soup and add the reserved tomatoes, simmer for a further 15 minutes.  If the soup is a little too thick add more water or stock.  If it is a little to liquid simmer until reduced down to desired consistency.

If you prefer a smooth soup, do not drain the tomatoes, just add the 3 cans in as step 2.
If you prefer cream of tomato soup add 100ml cream or yoghurt at step 4.

I add a swirl of basil oil which gives the soup a more intense flavour, I made that by blending a handful of basil leaves with 150ml extra virgin olive oil.

Both the soup and basil oil are suitable for freezing.

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