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|FAMILY|toddler activity - moon sand

Thomas and I had a lovely time playing with the moon sand that I made, I found many different recipes online but I went for just the basic one of 8c flour and 1c baby oil.  I also added in a couple of vials of glitter for no reason other than to make it look a bit prettier!

I used a mixture of plain and self-raising flour because I had some going out of date in the cupboard, I also used aloe vera baby oil which made it smell lovely!

In hindsight I don't really think that this is an appropriate 'floor' activity, T really wanted to stand up and get his hands in as far as possible.  Because he couldn't do that quite a lot made its way onto the floor.  At the weekend we bought a water/sand table and I think that will be a much better way to play and we'll be trying that next time.

We are lucky in that T doesn't really put anything in his mouth anymore, so that wasn't much of a consideration for us.  This was a very successful activity and I'm sure it can be developed as he grow to include additional stimulation.

When T gets a bit older I think I might bury some treasure (plastic coins & gems!) in there and have him dig for it, I think I'll also use it for dinosaur play and maybe a meerkat mountain.

What do you use your moon sand for?  I'd love to hear your suggestions in comments.

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