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|FRIDAY FUN|toddler activity - coloured rice sensory box

I thought it was about time I introduced some sensory box play into our Friday fun activities. I have some large plastic containers and thought I'd make 2 similar boxes one red and one blue and encourage the little fella to put the right coloured objects into the right box.

Earlier in the week I'd bought a few things for our 'fun box' some crayons from the party bag section of the supermarket 49p and some Pom poms and foam smiley faces from the craft section £1.20 each.

Starting with the crayons, Pom poms and smaller smiley faces (which I'd stuck back to back) I placed small objects at the bottom of each box, some other small objects I used were; large buttons, beads, feathers and some ribbon.  I then poured on the rice, I coloured the rice with food colouring although I didn't use rubbing alcohol which most instructions on pinterest tell you to do, I also didn't leave mine to dry and it seemed absolutely fine overnight in a plastic bag.  

Another thing I'd bought for the fun box was a value shower curtain to use on the floor for messy play.   I let Thomas at the boxes, I COMPLETELY under-estimated how he would react!  At nursery he plays with sensory boxes all the time but this was the first time we had one at home, he grabbed handfuls of the rice, throwing it on the floor squealing with delight. I realised there and then that if I wanted to keep the red and blue rice separate I needed to let him play with one at a time!

I added in the larger objects and used another large container for Thomas to scoop up rice using a jelly mould and transfer from one to the other, he seemed to really enjoy that.  He was not in the slightest bit interested in the objects I'd put in other than the jelly 'scoop' and kept taking them out.  We played for a good hour and a half and Thomas would have carried on for longer but I wanted to clean up for dinner.

I was so thankful for the shower curtain, when we'd finished and I poured all the rice back into the box, this was all that had escaped (can't believe the dirt, I did sweep before we played - honest!)

This is definitely on our list of things to do again although I think I'd hold off on trying to incorporate colour matching for a while.

NOTE: Thomas is 17 months and very rarely puts anything in his mouth now, I wouldn't have used the smaller items or rice if he was still very oral.

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