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|FAMILY|toddler activity - coloured rice

I still had some out off date food colouring left. I knew I wanted to do some sensory bins for the little fella so I thought I would use rice and use up some of the colouring.

I put a basics bag of rice in a large plastic bag and poured the colouring in, I then closed the bag and threw, squished and played with the rice to try and get an even colouring. Not all of the rice got completely covered but there was certainly enough food colouring left to get a decent coverage, the hubs and little fella also had a go at shaking the bag, it almost became an activity in its own right!  I did 2 bags; blue and red I'll use this rice for sensory bins, find it game and for a collage with the little fella. I'm also on the lookout for other activities where I can use it.

In total each colour bag cost me 40p for the rice another great budget toddler activity. 

Do you use food colouring in your toddler activities?  I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

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