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|ORGANISE|household planner

For years I had a household organiser based on the Maria Garcia ezorganizer. In the main it served its purpose and with customisation did its job very nicely. However, whilst I was on maternity leave I found myself creating lots of forms, lists, plans schedules, charts and worksheets from really 'Mummy' ones like a nursing chart to meal plans to smooth mealtimes and blog ones to help me try and move forward with the organisation and planning of this blog, these really helped me in my new role and I found myself turning to them more and more often.

Since coming back to work I've found that other forms have been really useful to me, I turned to my old household organiser and realised that it no longer did its job, the categories were no longer relevant and our lives had changed so much the old style no longer suited. I realised then that I needed to update my planner and make it reflect our current lifestyle, the forms I'd created were functional but they certainly weren't pretty or visually appealing. So my new project was born! At the moment I am busily researching blogs, Pinterest, Flickr and google for examples and ideas. I have all of my new forms and a big list of many more that need creating/developing as I create my new household planner I'd like to share the journey, hopefully to provide inspiration and ideas that might help you do the same.  I've created by planner out of a Tesco A4 ring binder, nothing special. I added the letter stickers to personalise it a bit!  I'm sure that in time I will either have to increase the number of planners I have or extend to a larger ring binder.

One thing I've realised during my research is that, no single off-the-shelf product will suit everyone, a planner is something that is so personal that it needs much more than a since approach I have also learned that its an evolving process, one that will never be finished, that will change and adapt as lives, interests and time changes. When I finally realised this I stopped beating myself up for not staying on top of my old method and embraced the challenge of implementing a new evolving system.

Here I'll be sharing some of my forms, experience and photos (who doesn't love a peek in someone else's planner?!?!) I will also be sharing some of my favourite pins, inspiration and products, none of this will be sponsored it will all be personal opinion and experience.

In the meantime I'll leave you with my Pinterest board, there's lots of inspiration already there and I'll be adding to it all the time.

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