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I'm a bit stuck for flowers from the garden at the moment, the forsythia has almost gone over, as has the magnolia, the bluebells are not yet flowering and the tulips haven't really made much of a show this year and its not quite time for roses.

The daliah's I planted last year all seem to have rotted in the wet weather we've had this season, I'm really annoyed about that as there were at least 12 plants. I have potted about 15 more this year but I think I'm going to have to buy a few potted ones from the garden centre before mine bloom, I was hoping for a really dramatic display this year but it looks like I will have to wait until next year now.

The only flowers (not pink in colour!) that I could find we're bachelors buttons and mock orange, so I went with a small display of those rather than buy any.

Changing the height really does make a difference to the overall look of the mantle, but I quite like the subtle look of the effect and think I'll use it again in the summer when some of the daliah's stems inevitably break in the winds.

Dreaming of filling the house with roses and daliah's in the summer and going to start keeping a lookout for new containers to display them in.

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