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A while ago I used some double sided tape to stick down some mats in our kitchen, at the time it was to prevent our elderly dog tripping over them, when we lost our beloved dog and replaced the mats with new ones we had the problem of removing the double sided tape, over the past 2 years we've tried practically everything, sticky stuff remover, wd40, a scraper even picking at it with my nails.

When researching how to clean matt kitchen tiles I came across a tip to use nitromors so along to the DIY store I went, driving back I suddenly wondered if the nitromors would remove our problematic sticky patches (more on the tile cleaning in a future post).

Using a toothbrush I applied the nitromors to one of the patches and left if for 10 mins before applying another coat just as the instructions said.

After leaving it for about 40 minutes it all just wiped off easily leaving no sticky residue or anything I am so pleased that this has worked, now to find something to clean that dirty grout we inherited and have never managed to get clean!!!!

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