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After Christmas has passed and the decorations are put away, our living room and particularly the mantel look so bare. Eventually I want to decorate it for valentine but so far I just decorate for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. I was a bit behind in getting the Easter decorations down from the loft and on display, so they have only been up for a week. Easter and Halloween decorations usually only stay up for 1 week before and 1 week after the celebration, I'm now ready to put the Easter eggs away and create a spring display as I don't want the minimal look any longer.

I didn't go to too much trouble as I just wanted to get the decorations up and ready for when we collected Kelsey and Hayden, the blue crystals in the bottle holding the twigs are in fact dishwasher salt tinted with food colouring. The blue turned out too bright but as I was so behind this year I went with it.

I made the wreath a couple of years ago with trinkets from a garden centre and Marie curie daffodils which were the perfect size, the vase is filled with lots of random eggs and a small set of led lights I would usually put that on the dining table but knew this year it would be too much of a temptation for Thomas so it went on the hearth behind the fire guard instead.

My favourite Easter decorations are these beautiful glass eggs that The hubs bought for me last year, on Saturday night I thought I'd do us a nice meal and set the table etc, I laid the table basically but nicely (even taking off the oilcloth!!!) and laid a glass on top of our napkins, Thomas was a nightmare, totally refused to go to bed he ended up grabbing one of the napkins and now my beloved glass eggs have gone from 6 to 5. I guess one of the perils of having a 15 month old wandering about!!!

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