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|FAMILY|toddler activities - food colouring in the bath

A few weeks ago I had a good sort out of our grocery cupboards, I was shocked to find that there were loads of jars, packets and boxes that were out of date and needed to be discarded. Whilst sorting out I found some liquid food colouring, these were way out of date, I no longer use liquid food colouring so was about to throw them out. I knew there would be some other non-edible way I could use them.

This week it seems that spring has arrived in the uk, earlier this week I collected Thomas from work a bit early and we spent some time in the garden, he loved stripping down to his vest and playing in a big water tub. He got a bit cold so I took him indoors - screaming!!! I ran him a bath to warm him up but he just wanted to go outdoors, I knew I needed something more to entice him into the bath - the food colouring. I put a few drops of red in and he couldn't wait to get in and play! He swirled the colouring with his hand and smiled and giggled, I then added some blue at the other end. This was a really cheap and easy activity for us to do and certainly be doing it again.

What different ways have you used food colouring??  Share your ideas in the comments.


  1. great idea! what do you use instead of liquuid colouring though? i didnt know there was an alternative!

  2. Sorry only just seen this! You can also get paste food colouring in little tubs. Since writing this we tried that too, the colour is really intense but it stains the skin so haven't tried it again.


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