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|52CARD CHALLENGE|2-5/52 - Easter Cards

Finally getting round to showing my Easter cards, I don't usually send everyone an Easter card, these are just for brother-in-law and wife, mil, my mum and dad & my grandparents next year I hope to send more and Thomas should be old enough to make some 'proper' cards, I also think I will make some potted tete-a-tete narcissi (similar to this) but I'll need to plan well for those to make in advance. I'll be pinning lots of ideas for next Easter on Pinterest, I often find I like to do a lot of preparation for the next annual celebration right after the last as that's when I'm most inspired.

Next year my sister and I also plan to host a big family Easter egg hunt Easter Sunday, so we will need to start planning for that.

So these cards were super simple to make, I needed something quick and easy given that I'd left it so late to make them.

I'm still a long way off the 14 cards that I should have made by now but I'm currently at 5, I'm counting my 4 Easter cards individually as they are slightly different.

This week I'll be starting to prepare for the handmade card class I am to be running (hopefully in May) and will have another 4 to show towards my catch-up projects! Next week I have a friends birthday card to make and show, going to try a bit harder with my photos next time too!

Products used:-
Card - Hobbycraft
Papers - First Edition, Springdrop 6x6 pad

Other items used; stickles, vintage images, & ribbon

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