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Well, 11 in 11 and 12 in 12 seasons projects went ok in practice but I did find that trying to achieve everything, not include it in project life, scrap it in a seasons mini book and try and blog about it was too much. This took something away from what I was trying to achieve and made it less of accomplishment, it just wasn't as fun as I felt it should be. I also found it a bit overwhelming having 13 things to do in a 12 week period for 2013 and so I decided to call it a day.

Instead this year we have 'the big list', this year I have written the tasks on it but for the future I hope that this will be compiled as a family, I've taken 4 things per month and if we don't achieve them all it's no big deal, sometimes I might document it in project life and sometimes I may just scrap it in my mini book. I plan to do a full year mini book this time but split down into seasonal colours/theme, I'm planning on a grey and aqua cover which I will be creating this week.

I already have a list of 'big list' forms I'm working on, I am very excited about this more relaxed approach and very much look forward to sharing details here.

I'll be back next week with a glimpse of my 'big list' mini book - spring base pages.

Here's the big list for April:-

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