Project life week 19

Just a quick update with week 19, got lots more to share but need to do some final touches. Back soon with better photos, more detail, proper posts and some forms I'm finding useful for catching up!!!


Pl wk 19 still not quite ready. I'm finding it really difficult keeping on top/catching up and I'm a bit worried that when I go back to work it will be worse! T is not napping well at present, he'll only nap on me or in the car. This week he has also started this during the night which is a bit of a challenge. I've signed up for Ali Edwards's 31 things class, I'm pretty sure that I won't be making a complete album for it but I do need help with my journalling and I'm hoping this will keep me focused. When I return to work it going to be even more important for me to document our lives as our family time will be so much more precious. I'm about 1/4 of the way through my week in the life pages I intend to complete them by the weekend but round here anything can happen. I had hoped to pick up the chickens today but I'm still waiting for the new pond pump to be delivered so haven't been able to go out! My main focus at the moment is to find some good energy boosting recipes, if T and I are going to be up all night I need to make sure my body can deal with it when I'm back at work. I have made the decision to finish my December daily/Journal your Christmas album at 31 dec, I've got stories/photos up to then, they are ready for printing so I hope to finish that before 1 June I'm trying to work on specific projects a little at a time in order to complete them. I've also got 4 cards to make for June.

Project Life week 16

Just a quickie, but PL wk 16 pages...

Week in the Life - preparation

All ready and waiting for Monday's Week in the Life project to start.  I am going to use a baseball card page protector for my photo's and an A4 page protector for the daily sheets (just like Ali Edwards, completely scraplifting - sorry!)

I've pulled out some other products that I may or may not use, I'm going with a colour scheme of jade/turquoise and red.  

I created some journalling cards (printed them on the Becky Higgins Project Life grid cards) some numbers, and some days of the week and small camera embellishments, the camera is from webdings.

For now everything is in a standard A4 binder as I don't have an album suitable and I'm not buying any new supplies until July (when I receive a 'proper' pay packet again, after maternity leave!)

I have looked at Ali's suggestions for things to journal and have a nice long list of things I'd like to capture, just daily things that Thomas and I do now while we are at home, I've also got a list of things that I want to establish this week for when I'm back at work.

I've also purchased the 365 ideas for blog posts, scrapbook pages and art journals from campfire chic which has been really useful in helping me put together a list of routine things I don't want to miss this week.

That's me for now, I'll be back Monday with more WITL updates (specifically product list).

It's been a while - Thomas, Project Life, Recipes & Week in the life...

It's been a while!  Mainly because I just didn't realise how much time I would spend with Thomas and going out and about with him while I'm off work.  Trying to get back to some 'normality' now, not easy with a 16 week old baby!

Thomas is great, he's 4 months next week and is really developing into a real little character and handsome chappie.

We are currently going through lots of dribbling, trying to be independent and getting frustrated and still struggling with his digestion/tummy issues which the health visitor tells me to 'put up with'.

He seems to be on-track or ahead of all the things he should be doing at his age, although I'm sure the HV would have a fit if she saw him standing up against the sofa on his own!!!  He doesn't seem very interested in crawling, seems to want to walk instead, so he might miss the crawling stage out just like I did (I was walking at 9m).  Going to pop him into a walker next week to see how he gets on.

Project Life
In January Becky Higgins LLC brought Project Life direct to the UK through her Canadian distributor, I purchased the Amber core kit, I really wanted the Clementine edition but that's still not available, will definitely get that next year.  I much preferred buying the kit as a whole and I do think it works out a lot more expensive when purchasing items individually but still I brought it.  I also don't really like the Amber kit, there are some colours that don't seem to match, the journal cards are very 'same-y' and there are no words on the cards, I guess it could be because this was one of the first kits, but compared to the Clementine edition which I truly love I am struggling with being friends with Amber! I'm back to work in 8 weeks and plan to do PL during my lunch hour, so maybe the clementine digitals will be used more - I hope I have time to!  One thing I do like with the new style kits is that you don't have to have the album, I don't know why but I just prefer plain albums, this year I have a black faux leather one and will replace 2011's soon too, I expect to use 2 albums per year and think these are far more 'me'.

I'm a long way behind on PL12, although I do have all the photo's ready and plans for each week.  I still have the last week of PL11 to complete (the week T was born).  I really need to get that week done and dusted to complete the album.  I have photo's for weeks 1-5 printed and in album and I made a start on the backlog at the weekend trying to complete the last week and the first week which is what I plan to do until I'm all caught up.  I'm really struggling with the journaling, I'm not a great writer and really do need to journal there and then otherwise I just end up with a list of sentences rather than paragraphs!  I'm working on putting together a Project Life 'lite' pack to take to work and keep in my bag for immediate notes & stories.  Towards the end of last year I was really embellishing each week and creating mini-layouts, but I've realised that it's just not possible to keep on top by doing that so certainly while I'm behind I'll try for more minimal spreads.

One of the things I wanted to achieve whilst on maternity leave was more cooking, this I have achieved quite well although I haven't tied as many new recipes as I would have liked.

Some real winners have been:-

Chicken & Chorizo pasta bake
Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya
Lemon drizzle cake

And finally A Week in the life
A week in the life starts on Monday, I'm using this project as a way of capturing one of Thomas and my precious weeks as there are so few left now, I'm going to prioritize this project as I think it's really important that I capture these little details.  I've made some red camera cards (inspired by AE's 2011 album), camera paper (all using an image from webdings) and days and numbers to accent the pages, these I plan to team with aqua bazzil card and teal hambly screen prints.

Part of my new organised plan is to blog on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, I will be back on Friday with PL updates.