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Things we still need to get for the baby list


Not long to go now and so we've been working on a list of things that we need to get for the baby, we have most of the small stuff, the nursery is decorated and if the baby arrives now we have enough, but by the end of November we do want the nursery complete and ready so that once he baby is born we can spend time as a family rather than getting it ready for when the baby goes into it's own room.  We are well on the way to this goal.

I have 2 files on my yahoo groups page, one which is my list of things still to get and another is a blank .pdf version that you can download and use for your own purposes.

A quick list of the things we need is:-
Footmuff for carseat
Brown parasol
Baby monitor - Tomy
Cost - East Coast Angelina
Wardrobe - Aspelund
Changing unit - East Coast Hampton
Nursing chair
Swaddling blankets
Bath Thermometer - Avent
Pram Thermometer
Shelf to go over changing unit
Travel cot
Safety mirror for car
Infant carrier

I'll be updating my files as we get things.

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