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Kelsey & Haydens Room

One of our aims is to get the baby's nursery all ready for the end of November, we realise that the baby will not be in it until it's at least 3 months old, but we figured that a. it's not good to have paint fumes around a newborn and b. we'd rather spend time with the baby than doing the nursery.

The first step was to get Hayden's old room decorated and cleared to enable us to move Kelsey in there with him (as they are only here 1 or 2 nights every other week we didn't see this as a major problem - neither did they thankfully!)

Karl spent a weekend preparing and decorating the room, then the wardrobe and beds were delivered, K put these up on his own as I was only allowed to read out the instructions and count the screws to make sure everything was there!!!!

The room is now 99.9% finished (just waiting to install a new light fitting).  Here are a few photo's:-

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