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Project for October

Starting to plan for Octobers scrapbooking project, to be honest, I'm not feeling very motivated at the moment and I feel as though I need to think about something fresh in the hope that it kick starts me into pulling together the other project's I'm working on.

I did get Karl's 'You at...' album complete last night which I'm really pleased about as that's been hanging about since January!  I'm really not feeling motivated by LSNED not sure why, I think because I feel that my learning's are a bit contrived, although I will persevere.  Because of this, I'm not up to date with project life as I'm now a week out of date on that.  The reason for that is because I have had so little to put in it.  Work has just been so stressful that I'm finding I'm completely beat in the evenings, in fact on Thursday I fell asleep at 7.30 and didn't wake up until 3am!

I bought some wadding for the patchwork cushions and some calico to start the rabbit for the baby, I know that I have a lot of projects on the go, but I really do get more done when I'm juggling many balls, without so many projects on the go I don't think I'd achieve anything.

The project for October is going to be 'Wait a minute Mr Postman' this is going to be an album created from things I've received in the post or things I would have thrown away, I will try to use things as they come up every day but I am not going to stick to that rigidly.  This album is going to be an Art Journal, something that I've wanted to do for a long time but is just so far out of my comfort zone. I'm far more straight lines and symmetry although I love the look of Art journaling, it's not something that comes at all naturally to me so this will be a real challenge.  Each day I will give myself a prompt for the journaling and I'll create the pages from the recycled papers I keep each day, I will create my backgrounds from different techniques I find online.

I shall of course continue with my other projects.

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