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Kickstart plan

1 September for me represents a new start.  We are expecting our first baby, who is due in December.  I've had the realisation that I really need to get our lives in order so when the baby arrives we can use any non-working time to enjoy family life.  For the first few months of course I'll be at home and this will be easier as there are household things that I can do whilst I'm at home (baby co-operating of course!)

I also want to keep up with my scrapbooks as I find that so relaxing.  I've got so many scrapbooking projects on the go at the moment and I really want to keep on top of those as well as getting the house/family life in order.

Current scrapbook projects:
- Learn something new every day (1-30 September)
- Project life (ongoing)
- Expecting you Baby B album (ongoing until the baby is born)
- Autumn 11 in 2011 album (1 September - 30 November)

I also want to start my etsy business finally and launch Larabee properly, blogging will be a big part of that.

Karl bought me a lovely new laptop on Saturday so that I could make a start on my business, already I have made good progress although my to-do list is still a mile long!

I found the greatest website ever on Tuesday -, it's wonderful, she has the life I dream of and seems to make the most of every minute, home cooking, clean and tidy house, handmade crafts, beautiful garden, always manages to look stunning & fulfilled family life.

Can't wait to get started!!!!!

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