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Keeping going...

Work is really busy so it's taking quite a lot of focus to switch off from that to concentrate on personal projects when I walk out the door!  I'm also not having the time to do any of the research at work that I plan to do in my lunch hour or the hour I stay at work waiting for Karl.  Got into work for 7 this morning because Karl was in London and left early for work.  I managed to print off some bits for Jack and Molly's christmas cards so I can get them done asap in plenty of time for christmas.

However, tonight after dinner (luckily Karl brought home Fish & Chips as a treat) I got straight to work on my sewing project, I started to make a pin cushion, got the basics done, then I realised that I didn't have any filling (stuffing) for it so it's just a cushion cover at present!  I also need to get some sand from Jack's sandpit so that I can make a small pin sharpener, I'm going to make a small yo yo and fill that with sand... if it works!  Because I couldn't finish the pin cushion I thought I'd make a needle book too, which is also finished now.

Completed my first 2 day's worth of LSNED and I've updated PL.

No progress really on the business other than updating this blog.  I really need to start research about blog content and start to plan my entries better to make them more informative and with greater content.  For now though, I'll just use for general chat and journalling - something that I'm not particularly good at either in my journal or in scrapbooks.

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