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Happy Days

Very productive day so far and it's not even 5pm!

Ink came for the printer so finally I've been able to print off my own photo's rather than wait for photobox to deliver.  Printed off all photo's for PL and for the first few days of LSNED. These are now all in the album and all up-to-date except for K to do a few journaling cards for last week when he was out and about with the children.  Feels great to be all current!

Business Planning To-Do List for the rest of the weekend
- source personalised ribbons
- create overlay for autumn album
- make button badges for autumn album
- make journaling spots for autumn album

Personal Planning To-Do for the rest of the weekend
- create projects list
- plan Halloween party

Went to the Yardley Gobion farmers market today, it was very small but I still managed to get a few bits and pieces.

Even though it was small, I'm pleased that I went and will definitely try and go again.

Planning on going to the Harpole scarecrows next weekend, we usually always miss it as we're usually on holiday when it's on so I'm really glad I remembered in time and looked up when it was!  

Off to prepare fajita's for tonight and then tackle the ironing mountain.

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