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Halloween Planning

I love Halloween!  After Christmas it's my most favourite holiday, this year one of my 'master plan' projects was to celebrate each season with home decor, cooking and celebration.  So far I have managed to achieve all that I set out to do (maybe more on 2010 another time!)

For the last few years I have decorated the house make special spooky food and arranged for games and activities for the children.  This year I plan to go all out with the baby on the way and Jack and Molly Halloween is just going to get better and better each year.  In our village very few children trick or treat and usually because they are so young and it's gets so dark if Halloween night is a work night, I'm usually not home so I generally leave a plastic pumpkin filled with sweets on the doorstep with a battery operated ghost light and a sign saying help yourself to one or two.  There are usually a few left by the time I get home, the children round here are so good, they wouldn't dream of taking everything.  This year I will do the same, although as part of my Autumn 11 in 2011 achievements I plan to hold an evening BBQ, I thought that I'd have a Halloween theme for that and invite the family when we have Kelsey and Hayden although it won't be Halloween as it's Kelsey's birthday that weekend so that will be the main focus.

I've started adapting my Christmas planner into an entertaining planner so that I can make all the preparations, I plan to include some of those pages in my Autumn 11 in 2011 journal although not sure how yet.  Once that's done I'll post a link to it.

I have ordered an Anders Ruff Halloween kit which I can't wait to get started on.

And one of the Halloween activities I plan to do with K&H before November is to create some of these Martha Stewart gravestones.  Just got to find some polystyrene now!

Thought I'd keep the food simple - just jacket potatoes on the fire pit and sausages and beans or boston beans, as I'll be quite heavily pregnant by then, I'm hoping that the little extra's I can do now like the Anders Ruff printables will help make it really special.

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