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Autumn 11 in 2011

As each season passes I realise that there are a number of seasonal things that I had intended to do but never got round to.  Therefore, I've devised my Seasonal Album workshop.  This is based around a mixed media album to record my Autumn 11 in 2011.  This is a list of 11 things I'd like to do before the end of the Autumn (see bottom for my definition of Autumn).

In this album I plan to keep my list of things to do and also keep a log on the plans and progress of each of my objectives.

Next year (or maybe next season) I plan to expand this project into a family one, but for now I've created a list of things I think we should do during the Autumn months.

1. Carve a pumpkin
2. Hold an evening BBQ
3. Attend a bonfire display
4. Pick sloes and make sloe gin for christmas gifts
5. Rake leaves and turn into compost
6. Make pumpkin pie
7. Take a photo of haybales
8. Go for a dusk walk and listen to evening birdsong
9. Plan bulbs/seeds for spring
10. Make an autumn swag from felt
11. Harvest lavender

Autumn 2011 - September, October, November
Winter 2012 - December, January, February
Spring 2012 - March, April, May
Summer 2012 - June, July, August

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