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Football number bonds worksheet free download

When I asked T what sort of activities he'd like to do afterschool, he asked for number bonds!  He loves maths and if number bonds are what my little man wanted, then that's what I decided to make!

T loves the No problem maths method from Singapore Maths and this method really does seem to work for him.  See here for more information on number bonds.

Because the world cup is coming up and because we are doing lots of football related activities and games at the moment I decided to make this number bond worksheet football themed.

I have left the numbers blank on this worksheet so that it can be customised specifically for the level of your child.  The first one I did for T was for 20 but of course he told me it was too easy and it needed to be a higher number!  He is so funny! 

To aide this activity you could use a number line or small parts, number blocks or lego.

You can download the worksheet here.

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