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|REVIEW|the game of things

Are you looking for a game to play with older kids, family and friends at Christmas?  We’ve been sent The Game of Things to try out, which we will be using when hosting New Years Eve this year.  

Aimed at over 14’s and recommended for more than 4 people, The Game of Things isn't really a competitive game, it’s more a game of laughs. Younger children can play if they are able to read and write but you need to ‘edit’ the cards first to remove any inappropriate ones! 

Examples of some of the cards;

The rules of the game are pretty simple, a card is picked and everyone writes down an answer, you then take turns in guessing who wrote each answer. 

You can be as funny or as serious as you like, but of course the funnier you are, the more laughs you’ll have! 

Competitive players will enjoy guessing who wrote each answer, but the true object of the game is to have a laugh and be as creative as possible.

The Game of Things is a simple but very funny game, which comes in a neat wooden box making it nice and easy to take with you when you’re visiting friends!

Order your copy of The Game of Things here from Amazon (not affiliate link) just in time for Christmas and New Years Eve. 

Disclaimer: we were sent this game in return for our honest review. 

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