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|REVIEW|air hogs micro drone

At the very top of T's wish list is a drone, so when buddy the elf on the shelf sent him one on loan to try out for Father Christmas, he was pretty chuffed.

The Air Hogs DR1 micro race drone is aimed at children aged 8+ but I was pretty confident that T would be able to fly it.

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The DR1 was perfect to fly in the house although on T's first flight, he did bang into one or two obstacles, thankfully the drone is pretty durable and could take a couple of bangs until T got the hang of it!  A spare set of propellers are included though just in case of accidents which could be very handy!

The Air hogs micro race drone is a small, indoor drone with many added features such as height lock, automatic take-off and auto-land buttons.  It's perfect for novice drone pilots. We've not yet switched to advanced mode but T is getting pretty good at controlling it without crash landing!

We had so much fun with the drone, it's often brought out for a whizz around the house or we challenge T to land somewhere in particular to help with his driving skills!

Although this is advertised as a toy, I know quite a few adults who would have a fun time piloting this little beauty.  I also think it's great for co-ordination and fine motor skills which is always an added bonus in a toy, in my opinion.

See T fly and land the drone here, ok, it's very short and sweet but you get to see it in action!

This drone really would make a great toy for Christmas for boys or girls of all ages.  Once the drone is fully charged, you're basically good to go, the beginner mode makes the drone simple to fly and land.

Buddy the elf actually decided to let T keep this drone rather than have it on loan as he liked it so much, but I'm sure that it will be at the top of many children's Christmas lists this year.

RRP £42.99
Age 8+

Disclaimer: we received this toy in exchange for our honest review, all words and opinions are our own.

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