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|FOOD|spooky snack mix

I don't usually let T have this many sweets but as it's Halloween a few treats don't hurt do they?

This snack mix is super easy and is made mostly from ingredients found at the supermarket. 

It was perfect for sitting down with a new monster DVD (review coming soon!) as a nice little treat.

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For 1 bowl (2 servings) I used:
1/2 bag of sweet and salted popcorn
1 bag party rings
1/2 bag rainbow drops
1/4 bag rainbow buttons 
6 fizzy fang sweets
Packet of cake decoration eyes
Ready icing

So first I added eyes to the party rings to make little ghouls, then it was simply a case of putting all the ingredients into a bowl and giving them a good mix up.

I couldn't find the eyes in the supermarket so I ordered them from Amazon, here's the link in case you need it šŸ˜Š

This mix would be perfect for a spooky sleepover,  play date or bag up for trick or treat! 

I hope you've liked this simple, cheap and special snack mix

This contains my favourite sweets, Rainbow drops, what are your favourite sweets? LšŸ’•

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  1. This snack mix looks so yummy and the faces they have to make the snacks more amazing and good to eat. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog


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