|REVIEW|despicable me 3 cutlery and tableware from Arthur Price | LarabeeUK

|REVIEW|despicable me 3 cutlery and tableware from Arthur Price

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Have you seen the new Despicable Me 3 film yet?  We absolutely loved it, it's definitely going to be the film of the summer in our house and T is swiftly collecting bits of merchandise where he can!

We were sent the Sea of Minions children's Tablewear set and Expressions Cutlery set from Arthur Price to review, Aurther Price are a family run business who have been making and supplying cutlery for over 100 years here in the UK, even supplying to The Royal Family no less! 

The quality of these products is undeniable, the cutlery is really weighty and is perfectly balanced to sit in a child's hands, I really wish I'd have known about these when T was learning to use an knife and fork.

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Each item from the tablewear set are beautifully decorated.  The bowl is a good size for an older child, which I do sometimes find an issue with dinner sets. The plate is also a good size being just slightly larger than a side plate.  Perfect for slightly older children like T. (5 1/2)

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All of the tablewear is dishwasher and microwave safe making it nice any easy to wash for busy mums. 

The cutlery is also decorated with fantastic Minion images but is not dishwasher safe, so does need to be washed by hand. 

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I must admit I'd never hear of Arthur Price (shame on me!) but we've been having a look at the brochure and online at the fabulous range of product and my goodness! They're impressive!   The Hubs and I have been looking into getting new cutlery so we've decided that we are going to start saving!

There's a lovely range of children's gifts which would be ideal for birth's and christening's!  I know I'll have a look here first for the next christening we go to. 

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Each of these sets are £24.95 and are available either direct from Arthur Price or through their stockists. 

At the moment any item from the DM3 range is postage free if purchased direct from Arthur Price

Disclaimer: we were sent these items for the purpose of our honest review. All words and opinions are our own. 

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  1. Oh my little boy would adore these as he is Minion crazy, what a lovely set x

  2. We received them too and Baba loves them! Grumpy Boyfriend does too even if he doesn't want to admit it...

  3. My oldest loves the Minions! I didn't know they had their own dinner set though. That's pretty cool:)

  4. My son would love these. He has recently discovered Minions, having watched the movie with us, and he is obsessed with those little yellow dudes. They look great and sound like brilliant quality too.

  5. I know how popular minions are with children, so I can imagine this cutlery set would be ideal for them :)

  6. So great to see some kids character cutlery that isn't plastic - love it 😍

  7. This minion set is so cute, my daughter is minion crazy!

  8. We haven't seen the movie yet. But my boys are big Minion fans.

  9. I am hoping to take the older 2 to see DM3 this holiday. The cutlery and crockery sets are perfect for fans!


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