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|FAMILY|20+ essentials to remember when camping

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Despite hoping we'd get lots of camping in this year, it's just not happened with one thing and another, and I'm literally chomping at the bit to get out and camp!  I've been putting together my own checklist for when we do camp and so I asked some Blogging friends to hit me with their camping essentials.

Here's what they said!

1. Babywipes and lots off them!
Jen from Just Average Jen

2. We always take Baby wipes and sugar cubes! Don't forget to take lots of water, we have a refillable water container that packs away flat. Jogger bottoms to wear in bed/around the fire and what I like to call "man socks" - big old fluffy socks from the beds section.
Rachel from Lukeosaurus and Me

3. Carrier bags for bins and a busy pan and brush, it is insane how messy the tent gets!
Jade from Mummies Waiting

4. Take enough blankets!
Katie from Living Life Our Way

5. A wind-up torch or two! Saves a heap of batteries.
Kati from How to Rock at Parenting

6.  A bowl and washing up liquid !!
Emma from Fit-cake

7. Dry hair shampoo and baby wipes!
Helen from Mummy to the Max

8. Camping light, tent pegs, water bottle to re use, first aid kit
Katie from Mummys diary

9.  Not exactly a little gem but we've just upgraded to an inflatable tent and oh my days the difference! It's so much quicker to put up that it's now an essential- I don't think I could go back to tent poles
Kate from Crafts on Sea

10.  A torch!
Nyomi from Nomipalony

11. We always take a flexi bucket for the toys, on the beach and doubles up as a baby bath
Katy from Otis and Us

12. Ziplock bags! For everything! snacks, kids dirty underwear, small toys to play with etc
Laura from The Mamma Fairy

13.Glow sticks for the kids...they can have fun around the campfire at night and they still provide enough of a glow to be used as a night light at bedtime. Buy from Poundland or in bulk on eBay
Clare from This Mummy's Always Right

14. We brought cheaply solar lights and used them to help us find our tent in the dark (great for late night loo runs)
Becka from Mummy est 2014

15.We think this burger press is an essential item! Mainly because the burgers are so lush!!
Tracey from Pack the pjs

16. Duvet - rather than a sleeping bag . Keeps you so much warmer
 Emma Anne from The Cheshire Wife

And this one would definitely be at the top of The Hubs list!!!!!
17. The hotel booking!
Candace from Buckets of Tea

18.  Door mat and dustpan and brush. Take a table to cook on (and if possible hire a picnic table to eat at from the campsite). Pegs for hanging up wet things. I have a post, will add it later. Plastic boxes with lids to store food.  Oh and a huge ikea bag - great for the beach lugging everything there, or for dirty washing
Emma from Bubba Blue and Me

19.  Inflatable mattresses and don't forget the electric pump!
Ranji from Tooting Mama

20. A hot water bottle...perfect for keeping your feet warm!
Hannah from The Amphletts

21.Sterilising tablets! I soak everything in a bowl with the tablets made up after I've washed them! Helps get rid of the germs!!
Sophie from Soph Obsessed

22. For us the thing we found the most useful was an electric hook up, it was handy for charging phones and using the electric pump for the beds.
Clare from Neon Rainbow Blog

23. A kampakazi portable loo.....no lie it was brill when i went on my 1st and last camping trip
Helen from All The Beautiful Things

As you can see, there are some great ideas there, my personal preferences, 'A hot water bottle and duvet' hmmmmmm and of course wine, lots of wine ;)

And if this isn't enough for you, here's some further posts to turn to for ideas :)

Samantha from North East Family Fun has this fantastic post for creating a Home from Home whilst camping, great recommendations in here! http://www.northeastfamilyfun.co.uk/2017/06/Camping-equipment-what-should-you-invest-in.html

Emma from Bubba Blue and Me has lots of out of the norm suggestions in her blog post http://bubbablueandme.com/2017/04/camping-essentials/ 

Katy from Otis and Us shares her Camping with kids top tips http://otisandus.co.uk/.../camping-kids-top-tips.../

Jaime from The olivers Madhouse has a wonderful checklist download in this post http://theoliversmadhouse.co.uk/the-ultimate-checklist.../ 

And if you fancy winning a camping bundle, Jenni from Chilling with Lucas has a fabulous checklist and giveaway in this post https://chillingwithlucas.com/competit.../camping-checklist/ {ends 7 August 2017}

Happy Camping!  LšŸ’•

LarabeeUK - 20+ camping essentials 2


  1. A great check list for when you go camping. There is always a small chance you will forget something. This the smart of making sure you got everything.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  2. A handy list for camping essentials here. This is useful for when we go camping.

  3. I've never even been camping before. But if I ever do, this will be a handy list to have.

  4. What a great list! I think I'll print this out for next time we go just for reference.
    (hubby helping out)

  5. This post made me chuckle :) We're going camping this weekend, testing out a brand new 6-person tent we've been sent. Can't wait!

  6. A fab list. I would add marshmallows and skewers and a couple of small games for the little ones x

  7. This is a great checklist. I always take baby wipes and dry shampoo x

  8. Thanks for sharing my tip and post. There's some great ones here that I don't take. Must add to my list!

  9. Thanks for sharing these camping tips.

  10. I just love camping. Excellent tips you've got here. I can never go camping with baby wipes. It's like going camping without the tent. It's so useful and handy.

  11. Thanks so much for including us. Great tips! Just about to schedule on all my accounts.

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