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|BRAND NEW ME|getting back on track - healthy eating

This past weekend we went for dinner with a friend who has recently lost a lot of weight, he followed a plan and exercise program and has lost 3 stone in 10 weeks. Enevitiblty we started talking about healthy eating and exercise and the subject of having a 'treat' or falling off the wagon was raised. Our friend explained that he learned something which was fundamental to his success whilst on this program. 

He learned not to punish himself if his healthy eating plan slipped. 

This really resonated with me, I often turn one little slip up into a week or month of not eating healthily. That one packet of crisps turns into 6, then no dinner to try and gain it back or a heafty dessert turns into a double workout session, that one takeaway leads to a month of unhealthy eating!  You get my drift. 

So how did he suggest you deal with such slip-up's? By just bouncing straight back, sounds obvious and simple doesn't it?  But how many time do you actually do this?  Or, like me, do you then spiral out of control thinking your a failure! 

After thinking about this I have realised that it all comes down to the fact that healthy eating is a 'lifestyle change' yes of course I know this but what hit home was the fact that just because I slip up once, it doesn't mean that I'm a complete failure, it just means I'm human, it means that I've not eaten healthily for one day, yes ONE frigging day, or even one meal! 

So what I'm now trying to tell myself is that, yes this is my new lifestyle, but that doesn't mean that I cannot deviate from it occasionally (note; occasionally not regularly!!) or that just because I slip off plan for one meal, or have an unplanned treat, a few too many drinks or chose to forget healthy eating for a day doesn't mean that I have to continue, I just need to get back on that wagon and make sure that I get back on track. 

I am a firm believer that I want this to be a new lifestyle and not just a 3 month faddy diet and now I have this new insight in my ammunition I feel happier thinking that I really can do this. 

So, why am I telling you all this?  Well after sticking to a very healthy plan for the past 10 days, last night I had MacDonalds chips for dinner!  I was so disappointed with myself for a while, but then I remembered our conversation at the weekend and just knew that I needed to put it behind me and move on. 

And you know what?  I did just that, I'm now laying on my bed writing this after having a dairy free, clean eating day of meals, healthy meals with lots of fruit and veg. 

So from now on, I won't be beating myself up for a small slip up, I'll be getting back up and moving on as if it didn't happen and you know what? That feels good and makes me feel far more in control!

Do you have any tips or advice, how do you respond to having a little slip up?  Please do leave a comment if you have any advice. Much love Lx 

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