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|BRAND NEW ME|6 months into my healthy lifestyle

Six months ago I made the decision that I really need to start seriously improving my health and improve my lifestyle, I have many ailments and illnesses and need to go on more medication if I am unable to improve my diet and health. I already take 4 lots of medication a day and my ultimate goal would be to get off of those completely too, but for now I'm focusing on keeping off of anything new!  I've had ups and many, many downs but I'm actually feeling really positive at the moment. 

So 6 months into my new lifestyle am I where I want to be?  In a word, no, probably not!  Although I didn't really set any proper goals at the start which is probably why, there are bad habits that I'm still doing and good habits which are not quite routine yet. However, I do feel that I've made real progress and am very confident that this will become normal for me. 

Given that the majority of my day job is around goals and deadlines, I'm absolutely useless at managing my own life as well as I manage work projects. 

I do feel better, I am eating healthier, I am feeling happier and I am more positive, I'm not there with the change yet, but I have made progress. 

I love that taking 10 minutes each night to focus and do a daily calm meditation has become the norm, even The Hubs joins me sometimes, it's become my trigger for bed, the moment we switch off from the day ease into rest. 

I'm so glad to have given up TV again, I no longer sit down and aimlessly watch TV. There are a couple of programs that I watch but I make sure that I watch these when it suits me, not when they are on. We still watch family films though. I now listen to podcasts and audiobooks whilst doing something else, usually tidying the house or blogging.  I'm much more productive as a result and the house is always lovely and tidy. 

I am finding that becoming dairy free is getting easier, I've also noticed a direct link to slipping up on my healthy diet and stomach cramps, bloating and headaches. 

I am yet to have my thyroid and blood issues under control. 

I do slip up, I've had days where my diet has gone out of the window but as long as I accept that I will feel bad because of this and get straight back on track I'm ok with this. I need to keep my eye on this being a 'lifestyle' and not a fad!  I recently wrote a post about this and how this is really helping me to change my lifestyle not diet.

I've found in the past couple of weeks that posting my meals to my Brand New Me instagram account makes me more accountable and helps keep me on track. In reality, of course, no-one else cares but if I don't eat well I have nothing to post!!  

I've decided that I want to set goals for the next 6 months so I have something to measure and monitor each month, so look out for my follow-up post 😊

Love L 💕

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