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|REVIEW|clean eating with Everdine

Trying to eat healthier couldn't be simpler with Everdine, we we're impressed to see the number of clean, healthy 'ready' meals Everdine have to offer when we were asked to choose 8 meals to review. 

With lots of vegetarian meals to choose from the only problem I had was to select 4 meals I wanted to try. The Hubs also had a hard time deciding what he wanted to try. 


The order came on the hottest day of the year but when I unpacked it 2 hours after delivery, it was still frozen and fresh in the recycled packaging. 

The meals are delivered in quite large packaging so you do need to make sure you have lots of room in the freezer. 

Most of the meals can be cooked in the microwave within minutes, but some did need to be oven cooked, I should have checked this out really first as I was caught out on day 3 thinking I'd have a meal in minutes but it needed to be oven cooked for 40 mins! Just something to look out for and something I guess you'd get used to. 

Below are all the meals we tried (we both had the black bean chilli burrito) as you can see they are very generously portioned, were super fresh and tasted delicious! 

Warm pea & asparagus orzo salad

Chilli con carne with brown rice

Black bean chilli burrito


Lamb kofta with roast onion bulgar wheat 
Courgette & feta quinoa cakes

Lentil & quinoa moussaka


Piri piri chicken

All meals really were delicious and I'd certainly order those I tried again 

If I lived on my own, without doubt, I would sign up for a regular Everdine order, the only problem is that The Hubs is a bit particular and although he really enjoyed the meals, I had to remove a lot of the additional veggies for him to eat so it's just not worth ordering for him. 

8 meals cost £55.20

If you'd like to try Everdine meals for yourself, they are offering you an exclusive discount of £25 on your first order, just order here.

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