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|ORGANISE|my wellbeing bullet journal 'style' planner pages

July is just going to be manic for us, and I'm really worried that balls are going to start dropping and my stress and anxiety levels will increase. With this in mind I'm getting myself sorted and am making sure my planner for the month is all ready so no excuses for not being organised!   I know for sure this will help ease the busyness in my mind!

I've been really trying to get a handle on my anxiety and keeping to my routines and trackers have been helping me focus on things that improve my wellbeing.

I have created 3 new trackers in a bullet journal style so that I can track how I'm doing through July. 


The first sheet is called mood pixels, this I shall complete each night as part of my evening routine and colour in my box depending on how I feel, for this I'm using pens from the uni Posca range from UniBall  these pens are perfect for journaling as they are lovely and smooth and don't bleed too much through the paper. 

My next sheet is to record both my and T's sleep patterns, he is still not consistent with his sleeping and so I've decided to keep a track of it to see if I can see any patterns forming or pinpoint any factors which could be causing it. For T's log I have created a small key with 4 different symbols (see example below). 

For my log, I'm going to be recording the number of hours I've slept according to the sleep app on my Apple Watch. I'm hoping this will help me realise I am sleeping more than I think I am and hopefully will ease the anxiety I have over sleep, since I had T.   I guess my ultimate goal is that when he finally sleeps through the night, I finally might get there too!  I shall be using the Uni Pin fine line 0.4 pen from UniBall to record this information. These pens are absolutely fantastic! Not just for journaling but for everything. I just love the size of the tip and the smooth way they write, I'm definitely going to be stocking up with a few of these to keep on me for work and signing school papers etc!  

The last wellbeing sheet I've created for now is my habit tracker, it's well known that people who suffer from anxiety benefit from habits and routines, this tracker is for me to place a heart in the box once that habit has been met, there are some tough ones there and I'm under no illusion that I'll swan through July with hundreds of little hearts on the sheet!  I know there will be gaps and that's fine, this is for me to look back on to see if I can understand why I didn't achieve or to use as motivation when I do. None of my trackers are meant to make me feel bad about myself, quite the opposite, I'm hoping they will stop the negative little gremlins in my brain telling me how badly I'm doing and show me that actually I'm making ruddy good headway 😉. Again I'm using UniPosca round tip pens for this, I'm loving those pink colours! 

If you are a journaler I highly recommend these pens and can't wait to try more from the range! 

I'll let you know how I get on at the beginning of August and if this helped. 

After the busy summer I'll be working on a few more wellness based pages for my planner so look out for more posts soon.  

Do you suffer from anxiety?  Does keeping on top of things and being organised help you?  I'd love to hear how you manage to relieve the pressures! Lx 

Disclaimer: I was sent these pens from UniBall to try.  All words and opinions are my own. 


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