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|BRAND NEW ME|about being too 'busy'

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'Ain't no-one got time for that' yes that common saying that people are using (far too often!) on social media when more organised, more dedicated or more tidy people  share  their successes on social media. 

Now I'm not slamming these people but I really do wish people would just keep their comments to themselves and scroll on if they are not dedicated enough to do whatever it is they are commenting on. 

 The thing I've found whilst paring back and realigning my priorities is that I don't have time NOT to be organised, being organised and having a tidy house save me so much time and give me that time back to do what I want to. 

Here's another for you 'I'm just too busy' ahh this one drives me insane! I'm sure I've said in another post that I really don't like this one, we are ALL busy, we all have lots going on, be it looking after and managing multiple children, working and looking after a home, running multiple businesses, the truth is, no matter how busy you think you are there's always someone with less time doing more, the reason for this?  They are more driven and have more control over their priorities. 

My real pet hate with this goes back to the first statement, people who say they don't have the 'time', of course you have the time, it's how you are using that time. If you don't have time to meal prep but you do have time to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix, you have the time you are just choosing not to use it for something you don't think is important. 

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It was pivotal for me to realise this, I was one of those 'busy' people, I jumped on the 'ain't no-one got time for that' bandwagon in kidding myself that as I was 'so busy' I couldn't possibly fit anything else in. Truth is?  I took a look at how I was using that time and made changes. For me, spending 3 hours a day on social media was a time waster, I was conning myself that I was doing 'blog promotion' gah! Of course I wasn't, I was there looking at other people's lives, getting frustrated by posts in groups I'm in and mindlessly scrolling, all in the name of 'social media promotion'. Wow, I'm so glad I finally sussed that one! 

Another huge time waster for me was chasing my tail trying to find things not put away properly, moving piles from one place to another and repeating things I'd already done. Now I'm still working on this one, housework has been re-prioritised and is THE most important thing for me, of the house is tidy, my mind is tidy and I can spend time doing what I want to.  Yes I've still got the cleaner, but in all honesty I don't need her anymore, it's just a back-up for if I have an off-week, not had one yet though, she jokes that my house is the cleanest she cleans. I do, however, have most of the ironing still done by her.   There's still so much to do to get the house organised, but it is what I call
Guest Tidy all the time, where if we had visitors drop by unexpectedly, I wouldn't go into a mad panic because the house looks like a tip (this would have been common in the past!) It's clean and on the surface looks acceptable. 


So, in rounding up what I'm trying to say is, next time you think you're too busy or don't have time for something. Think, have a think about what you did yesterday, could you have used any of the time doing that thing you're too busy for? My bet is that you could. However, if you're happy watching Netflix or scrolling social media, of course that's fine too, just don't be like I was and kid yourself you are 'too busy' to do anything else 😉

I'll be back soon to show you what process brought this realisation to light. 

My work time though?? No I don't have time, I don't work enough hours to cover what needs to be done so things get delegated or dropped, still figuring that one out!! I'll be back if I ever work it out 😉

Have a wonderful day, Lx 

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