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|ORGANISING|how your zodiac organises you

Have you seen this fun info graphic from Furniture at Work? If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know I LOVE organising! I love seeing everything in its place, near, tidy and easy to find. 

Don't get me wrong, sadly not everywhere in my house is immaculately ordered... yet but I'm working on it. Sadly, work and blogging get in the way 😉

At the moment I'm working on T's toys, it's easy to tidy them all away but I'm finding the key to permanent order is to make sure that he can put them back himself just as tidily and get things out by himself without making a huge mess. It really is challenge! 

So according to this info graphic I'm a 'show off' yes this is probably true!  I'm not one for hiding everything away, if it's to be used it should be out in my opinion and as for having lots of gadgets, yep that's me!!!! If there's a gadget to make life easier, I'm there at the front of the queue. Anything to cut down on time and make things easier is my motto 😂

So do you live in organised mess or constructive chaos?  Do you like your house to be neat and ordered or do you have better things on your agenda? Me?  I'm somewhere in the middle, if I had the time yes, I'd be living in extreme organised bliss but I just don't value it quite enough to make it my number 1 priority so do what I can in the time I have.  

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.  

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  1. my house is a mess - it's hard keeping on top of it with the three children, but I'm getting more ruthless at giving away things that we just don't need or use. Helps me feel I've got things more under control


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