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|FAMILY|Brand new episodes of Kazoops


Do your children like Kazoops?  Thomas has watched it before, but it wasn't high up on his list of things to watch. 

However, after watching the first episode of the brand new series, he's hooked. T really enjoyed watching 'Daydreamer Monty' which premiered this afternoon. 


T really enjoyed this episode, particularly Monty's suggestion of using a Yeti to move the piano!! 

I love how Kazoops really sparks T's imagination and encourages him to daydream and play make believe. T loves how Monty has a pet pig and would like his own Jimmy Jones, although he might just have to make do with the cat 😉

The latest series is being shown on CBeebies at 4.20pm, we've got record set to make sure we don't miss an episode. 


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