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|BRAND NEW ME|getting back on track with your healthy lifestyle


I'm well and truly off the healthy lifestyle wagon at the moment, I can't quite pin-point when it happened but I think it was when The Hubs and T were poorly with norovirus, I was so obsessed with cleaning all I was doing was cleaning then crashing, no energy meant that I just headed for the ready meals and processed food. Completely the wrong thing to do, but I now realise I was in survival mode and paranoid I was going to get ill.

This has lead to massive anxiety attacks and feeling really low again as well as being bloated, putting on weight, having bad headaches and feeling irritable and emotional. It's also making me have insomnia really badly (hence I'm awake at 01:20 writing this!) 


We are still trying to get over the Easter holidays, we had a lovely couple of weeks off and have got lots done, however, we've both eaten and drank far too much and all the wrong things. Just this week I've thrown out a bag full of waste vegetables that hadn't been used and for dinner had a Chinese. We've spent a fortune on food too this week, simply ridiculous. The only saving grace is that T has eaten really well, not too much snacking and making sure he's getting his 5 a day. 

Anyway, today has definitely taught me that I need to get back on it and seriously, I keep saying that a little blip is good because it reminds you how good you actually felt when things were coming together, even if at the time it didn't feel like it!!! 


I drank the last of the open wine this evening and really want to stay off that and processed food and find the motivation and energy to get myself back to feeling healthy. 

It's a vicious circle that needs to be broken, eat processed foods and alcohol feel lethargic, anxious and  unmotivated, need to rest, do less and keep eating quick and unhealthy food.   So I need to break the habit (again) and find a way to stop it forming or at least spotting the early signs before it's too difficult to start again. 

I really never thought I was addicted to processed food but the truth is I really am, as a family we are!  It does make it harder that I have to also cater for T and The Hubs but I am determined to do this, we are lucky that T does have relatively healthy eating habits, except for his snacking but The Hubs eats very few vegetables, he has though decided that he too wants to become healthier, he wants to lose weight and so at least we are both in this together now. 

So where do I go from here? How do I get back to where I was?  This is my plan:

1. Cut out caffeine and alcohol 
2. Drink 2l filtered water a day
3. Eat at least 5 fruit and vegetables a day
4. Avoid process food and snacks 
5. Get back to loving cooking healthily
6. Stop thinking of food as 'treats'
7. Hit my exercise goals
8. Meal plan and prep


So, tomorrow is another day and all that!  I know what we're all having and we're off to forest school tomorrow morning so that's a ruddy good way to start. 

We will be #fitfam we're just going to need a bit more focus and jumping back on that wagon to get there 😊

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, have a lovely week, especially if you're children are back at school this week Lx 

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  1. Over lent I gave up tea and coffee, alcohol and all sweet stuff. I've had tea and coffee since Easter and I can't believe how awful I've felt. I'm def going to stop drinking it, and limit good quality coffee to a rare treat.

    Meal planning helps me, as does not having snacky foods in the house - if it isn't there I can't eat it!


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