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|FAMILY|young driver driving lessons

A few weeks ago we took both boys along for an Admiral Young driver lesson, sessions are held throughout the country, although the 5-10 'lessons' are only held at selected locations. 

So that both boys could do their lessons on the same day we chose Bicester Heritage which was the clostest location to us running both sessions.

The lessons are run for 2 age groups 5-10 and 10-16.

H was up first and at 16 he had his half hour lesson in a Skoda Citigo, he was greeted by his instructor, Malcolm who talked him through the process. I really liked that his instructor spoke to him directly at all times, never did he direct any questions to us.

H has driven cars before, both on a rally session and he's also driven my car on private property, so he was allowed straight in the drivers seat and to get moving, this was great for him as he really did get the most out of his 30 minutes. 

During his lesson they worked on roundabouts, reversing and gear changing. Because of his confidence, H was also allowed to get to 40mph using gears 1-4, which he enjoyed. 

He was given a 'Drivers diary' which details his level
of ability and what he needs to work on next session.  With 11 months until he can officially have driving lessons, we shall definitely be taking him along for Young Driver lessons to give him a head start for getting on the road. 

10-16 driving lessons are £34.95 for 30 minutes.  

Next it was T's turn to have his lesson.  5-10 year olds drive a 'Firefly', a specially designed car for this purpose. T's instructor talked him through the basics, about which side of the road to drive and the controls in his car. 

The course was marked out and contained roundabouts and junctions for the young drivers to manoeuvre. T absolutely loved it, although I must admit I felt his instructor could have been a little more patient given that T is literally at the lower end of the age range and a 5 year olds understanding and attention span is very different to a 10 year olds. 

Once he'd learned what he needed to do, he was let loose in his car with his Dad in the passenger seat, the Instructor still gave him directions around the course, but T had a little more freedom.  He did really well navigating round the course and trying to make the right decisions at the junctions. Sometimes he did struggle with steering and definitely needed a bit more practice as a few markers got run over! 

T was given a 'driving license' which made his day, he's taken it practically everywhere with him since he got it!

The 5-10 year old lessons are £19.95 for 20 minutes, T absolutely loved it and we shall be taking him again next time we take H. 

Disclaimer: we were given driving lessons for this review. 

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