|FOOD|meal plan Monday - wk1 2 January 2017 | LarabeeUK

|FOOD|meal plan Monday - wk1 2 January 2017


It's been a while since I shared a meal plan with you and I'm hoping that by doing one each week I can keep a better grip on our groceries. Having lots of food in over the Christmas period inspired me to make the most of our leftovers and I've frozen loads of leftover meat or prepared veggies I got cheap while they were on offer!  I'll be writing a blog post about how I prepared them for the freezer but for now I'm sharing this weeks meal plan.  I could have used more things we have on hand in the freezer but because we're keen to start eating healthier, I have included some healthier meals which will need groceries. I shall be trying to keep our spend this week to under £20 though as we really don't need that much.  Next week will cost more as I won't have so many fresh salad and vegetables leftover. 

Mon L - Homemade cream of tomato soup (leftover cream)

D - Quorn/Beef cottage pie (extra portions for freezer) 

Tue L - Buddha bowl

D - Manacotti (use up leftover cheese)

Wed L - Jacket potato with coleslaw and salad

D - Chicken curry/brown rice, broccoli and tofu *

Thu L - Buddha bowl/tuna pasta salad

D - Ham/veggie omelette & salad *

Fri L - Satay noodles

D - Chicken/salad pittas and wedges

Sat L - halloumi salad

D - Slow cooker BBQ chicken/

courgetti with lemon cream sauce

Sun L - Beans on toast

D - Steak/roasted veggie fajitas

* from the freezer 

I'm the only one who has breakfast from home, I'll have  the following options and choose on the day; yoghurt and honey, porridge, oats with banana or raspberry, granola, nutriblast

Need to buy - 


Chicken thighs

BBQ sauce (check cupboard first)


Creme fraiche


Salad leaves

Almond milk

Alpro yoghurt





My budget this week is £20 but I'm aiming for £15 let's see if I can keep to it 😉

What are you eating this week? 


  1. You are so organised....I only meal plan for our evening meal. It sounds like you have some great meals planned :) x

  2. the bbq chicken sounds good for my hubby. I'm excited to get back to using my slow cooker me when my new one arrives x

  3. I find meal planning saves us so much money, it's definitely worth sticking with it. Your plan sounds yummy especially the satay noodles and BBQ chicken x

  4. I can do the meal planning part mostly it's the cutting costs though I need to work on. Our food bill is an awful LOT more than that :-(

  5. Sound delish! How did you get on with budget? X

  6. I have finally started meal planning or at least written one down so this inspired me loads.


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