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|BLOGMAS|Snow filled Christmas ornaments - Day 3


Today we have a wonderful Christmas ornament for you to make and bring out year after year. 

I would love to say that these fantastic ornaments are my own invention but sadly they are not. However, as the lady who created them doesn't blog and has given me permission to share here. 

These were the brainchild of Becky, a lovely lady who runs the Playmobil Anonymous Facebook page  the words and tutorial are mine though. 

The principal can be used for any small Christmas characters, lego, cake decorations etc


We used: I've added in links to the products I used for this post, if you use them I receive a small commission from Amazon.
Plastic fillable Christmas trees
Modge podge you could use PVA but it might dull the glitter a little
Green Glitter
Artificial snow
Christmas figures to pop inside - we used Playmobil ones from eBay


1. Start by covering one half of the Christmas tree decoration with a thick layer of glue.


2. Sprinkle the green glitter into the decoration and make sure that it covers the glue. T shows you below how to do this. 

3. Leave to dry overnight. 


4. You may need a couple of coats to get good coverage. 


5. Once dried, you can add an extra layer of modge podge, this seals the glitter and means that your toys won't get covered and any flakes won't discolour the 'snow'. This is optional though. If you are using PVA your glitter may dull a little if you do this.  Leave to dry overnight.


6. Add your characters to the glittered side and add a couple of spoonfuls of artificial snow.


7. Seal the decorations and give them a little tap to settle the snow. If you do not intend to use the figures again, you could glue them closed to prevent accidents.  Add some string to the top to hang from the tree. 


  1. love this - such an effective idea x

  2. These are such a lovely idea! So clever to put the play mobile figures in. Thanks so much for sharing. x


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