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|FOOD|pumpkin spice latte

I love pumpkin!  And I love pumpkin spiced latte even more!  I've been refining my recipe and think I've finally come up with something worthy of documenting :)
This is a non pumpkin puree latte and I've used my own pumpkin spice mix but you can substitute this for ready made if you can get hold of it.  It's super simple to make at home and is delicious.
If you are used to starbucks pumpkin spiced latte you'll probably need to add sugar as they use a syrup which obviously makes it sweeter.

I made my espresso shot in a cafétire using 1 dsp ground coffee with 1 heaped spoon of pumpkin spice and 50ml (double espresso sized!) this is just my version remember, some people do get very precious about how to make it and I'm certainly no expert! 

Once the coffee is made, I topped up with milk, I guess this is personal preference too I used 350ml.  I heat my milk in the microwave.  If you are adding cream it doesn't need to be frothed.

Then top with cream and a little sprinkle of pumpkin spice.
It's that simple and blooming scrummy!  What's your favourite flavoured coffee? x
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