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|FOOD|10 fantastic pumpkin recipes

I LOVE pumpkin!  It's one of my favourite foods, I asked some fellow bloggers for their best pumpkin recipes to bring together for you!  I've even thrown in my own favourite. 

Oh my gosh, just look at all those cakes! Dee-licious!!!!

1. Pumpkin cranberry bread from Rhythms of Play

2. Gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from One creative Mummy

3. Baked pumpkin with cream which is one of ours and quite possibly my most favourite thing about Autumn!

4. Pumpkin magic cake from Amanda's cookin

5. Delicious and fluffy pumpkin cookies from The Natrual Homeschool

I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get the yoghurts used for this recipe in the UK but I'll add it in for our US friends!
6. Pumpkin yoghurt pie from Three Different Directions

7. Gluten free pumpkin spice cake from The Soccer Mom Blog

8.  Pumpkin cream cheese cake from Passion for Savings

9. Kids easy peasy pumpkin pie from Little Spouts Learning

10. Pumpkin spice scones  from Adventures from Mommyland

What's your favourite pumpkin recipe? Let me know in comments Lx

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  1. Yum! Great recipes, I am desperate to try the pumpkin fries I found a recipe for last year. Must Di it this year!


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