|FUN|Pumpkin bath 'stickers'


Bathtime used to be a really fun time in our house, T loved his baths and I made them as fun as I could.  Then... he discovered showers and his baths were a thing of the past! 

I first make him these pumpkin bath stickers when he was 2 but when he wasn't feeling well this week and I made him a Halloween sensory bath to to cheer him up I added these too to make it a bit more fun. 


I was surprised at how much he liked making the pumpkin faces, talking about if they were happy or sad, friendly or scary. It would be quite useful for a small child who finds it difficult to talk about their feelings or for encouraging children to talk about their day. 


We used: I've added in links to the products I used for this post, if you use them I receive a small commission from Amazon.
I also added a green stalk and purple hat, you could add bow ties, hair bows, Mickey ears etc

Craft foam is so easy to cut out so in no time we had a few different shapes to construct faces on our pumpkin. 


T loves the way that the foam sticks to the tiles and stays in place.

If you would like to use my pumpkin template, you can download it here.

This activity is particularly good for smaller children but can easily be extended to provide a learning element for older children, for instance, associate a number to each face part and use a dice to make
up the face. Blindfold the child and see if they can place the face parts in the right places or even use it as a reward system, making the face day by day to earn their reward. 

You don't need to stick to the bath for these stickers, they will also stick to windows and kitchen appliances with a little water applied to the back. 

If you make your own version, I'd love to see it! 


|REVIEW|Great baking set


Were your children inspired by The Great British Bake Off?  It's on too late in the evening for my little man but I know many of our friends children have been encouraged by seeing the marvellous creations. 

T loves baking, I love that it's something we can do together or that he can do with his Dad or older siblings. 

We were asked to review some kids baking sets from Vivid Toys which I knew T would enjoy. 

Sadly his first reaction was disappointment, each of the boxes only had girls demonstrating their use and pink featured heavily in the colour scheme. He turned to me and said 'Mummy why are they all girls, Boys are chefs too!' Well kid's got a point!  

After a little chat about it not mattering what was on the boxes and what colour the utensils were, we decided to make some cake pops using items from the Mini Cake Pops Kit and the Great Baking Set.

The Cake Pop kit contained everything we needed to make some cake pops, including the lolly sticks and cellophane presentation bags. 


We used the bowls from the baking kit, which included a suction base, we couldn't actually manage to get this to hold firm, it was fine for a couple of minutes but soon came loose, we have a wooden kitchen surface so I'm not sure if that's why. 


Also included in the baking kit were measuring spoons and an egg cracking gaget, being a little gaget lover like his Dad, T loved it! I on the other hand, feel that it's an unnecessary and fiddly piece of equipment, when, at nearly 5 T has already be taught how to crack an egg albeit with sometimes messy results!!  However, it does make baking even more fun when you're 4, I guess. 


Making the cake pops using the silicone moulds was super-easy, in fact I was incredibly impressed and would quite like one in a nice large size to make them for birthday parties. Being able to make 4 at a time I found frustrating, but T was fine and was happy to wait 15 or so minutes in-between to make the next batch.

He then had lots of fun dipping them into Divine chocolate and decorating with sprinkles. 


These kits are aimed at children aged 6+, T at 4 had absolutely no difficulty in using anything contained within, with my supervision. 

Apart from the aforementioned disappointment of these baking sets being aimed solely for girls both T and I thought that they were a really good start for T's cooking equipment, he now has everything stacked in a cupboard of his own, ready for the next time he wants to do some baking! I'm certain it won't be long before the lure of the cake pops come again and we make more, with such a simple process I don't really have an excuse 😉

I'm sure you'll spot these tools used in future photo's when we are cooking and baking! 

The prices for each kit are: 
the Great Baking Set (RRP £19.99) 
the Chocolate Pen (RRP £19.99)
the Cookie Kit (RRP £14.99)
the Mini Cake Pops Kit (RRP £9.99)

Disclaimer: we were sent these kits on return for our honest feedback and review. All opinions are our own. 

|CREATE|conker bag

I thought it would be nice to make T a little bag to keep his favourite conker and shoelaces in this Autumn. 

It was super simple once I'd found a suitable image on google. 

To make this project I used: I've added in links to the products I used for this post, if you use them I receive a small commission from Amazon.
HP T-shirt transfer paper
Brown shoelaces

First, I added the wording to the photo using

Then I inserted it into word and rotated the image for the transfer paper as shown below. 

To make the bag, I used a piece of calico measuring 20cm x 40cm 

I created a hem on both ends, I would
normally use the machine to do this but didn't bother getting it out for such a small project. 

Then I used a simple running stitch to make into a bag. 

Once the bag was made, I followed the instructions on my transfer paper and ironed the image onto one side of the bag. 

I threaded one shoelace through the bag and added the other inside. T now had a place to keep his shoelaces and conkers ready for when he wants to play with them. 

|FUN|Halloween sensory bath

In the week, T wasn't feeling too well with a cough and cold that's going around. To cheer him up, I thought I'd make him a themed sensory bath, something I've not done for a long time.

He absolutely loved it! He spent a good 45 minutes in there, mixing potions, casting spells and counting the Halloween items in the bath.

I used our pumpkin bath 'stickers' as an extra visual sensory element for this bath.

We used: I've added in links to the products I used for this post, if you use them I receive a small commission from Amazon.
Orange food colouring (we use Wilton's as you need very little to get a good colour)

Various Halloween toys eg: bats, rats, spiders, skulls eyeballs - look out in the poundshops!

I mixed the food colouring gel in a little boiling water to dissolve before pouring in the bath. We managed this lovely orange colour with about a quarter of a teaspoon. 

T spent his time casting spells using his 'wand' (black cocktail stirrer) and a Halloween popcorn cup 😂.

The orange and clove oils added a lovely aroma to the sensory experience and I'm sure the clove oil and steam from the water helped a little with his congestion. 

We counted the different Halloween props I used and did some basic addition/subtraction too, which T always enjoys. 


I thought at nearly 5 that T was over sensory experiences like this, but I was so wrong!  He loved it and actually asked for more.

The gauntlet has well and truly been set down now for me to pull more out of the bag! 

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|FUN|learning to play the harmonica with Rainbow Colours


I never thought you could easily teach a 4 year old to play a (proper!) tune on a harmonica... until we got sent a Rainbow colours harmonica.

It's a fantastically simple method based on using colours to represent the notes. 

It comes with a high quality harmonica and music book, the first thing you need to do is add the 4 coloured stickers onto the harmonica so it's easy to know where you need to blow or ermmm, suck. 


So as all good parents do, I decided I'd have a go first before it got clogged with the 4 year olds spittle 😂 straight away we could recognise the tunes, I amazed myself! 


T soon wanted a go and so with my help telling him blow 2 red, suck 2 blue etc etc he was soon playing a pretty good rendition of twinkle twinkle little star!  There's no way he'd be able to do it on his own without someone interpreting for him, but I'm sure in a couple of years he'd be fine! 

I love that he can play an actual tune on his own, without it actually making anyone's ears bleed. 

I can see this making an appearance after a few drinks at Christmas as I imagine everyone will want a go once they realise this system can make them look like genius's!  (Anyone know how to clean a harmonica 😉).

The Rainbow colours harmonica really is a fantastic system for all ages and would make a great Christmas present!

Disclaimer: we were sent a harmonica in exchange for our honest review. All words are my own. 


|FUN|15 Awesome pumpkin kids activities


I asked some fab bloggers for their favourite pumpkin kids activities and this is what they came up with.

There are some fantastic ideas here!

1. Science painting with gloop from Life over C's

2. Pumpkin Memory game from Pleasantest Thing

3. Pumpkin patch sight word game from Raising little superhero's

4. Pumpkin patch letter matching from Mom Inspired Life


5. Puffy paint pumpkin from Us!
6. Pumpkin handprint photo keepsake from Teach me Mommy

7.  Melted crayon pumpkins from Life with Moore babies


8. Pumpkin Stamping from Little Sprouts Learning

9. Paper plate pumpkins from Clare's Little Tots

10. Paper pumpkin from 3 Princesses and 1 dude

11. Handprint keepsake pumpkin craft from Kori at home

12. Roll a pumpkin game from Adventures of Adam

13. Print and paint pumpkins from Crafty kids at home

14. Button pumpkin from Adventure in a box

15. Pumpkin finger puppets from Chickadeelit

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|CREATE|dozy dog fuzzikins craft review

We were recently sent the dozy dogs fuzzikins set to make. T loved the little dogs and named each one after family pets and wanted to colour them in to match. 

Well, although T got stuck in and was happy as Larry colouring in his dogs, I must admit I was slightly dubious. He seemed to get the pen all over him and made far more mess than the box suggested or in fact other reviews I'd seen! 

The pen did come off in the bath luckily, but this little quiet time activity before bed actually turned into an extra 20 mins on bedtime as T needed a good soak to clean it off. 


Despite me being slightly frustrated by this product, T really liked them, he didn't see the colouring to be difficult and he particularly liked the superhero cape and mask which fitted our dog 'Taz', since we did this craft he has had lots of fun dressing his superhero dog!


T actually didn't find making up the sleeping bags too difficult and quite enjoyed poking the tabs through. Although they did take quite a long time and he did get a little bored. 


I'm not sure if it was just us or whether these really are a bit difficult for smaller children. Dozy dogs is suitable for age 4+, but T is nearly 5 and still found these tricky. 


T's dogs now sleep on a chair beside his bed and he is playing with them quite a lot despite the difficulties he had doing this craft, he has really enjoyed them. 

Dozy dogs are available at Amazon for £11.83 if you are more into cats, there's also a Cozy cats version from Amazon for £12.99

Disclaimer: We were sent this item in return for our honest review. All opinions are our own.