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|FAMILY|Our August... celebrating special day's this month

This month is also Golf Month – Daddy will be pleased!

We hope to recognise these special days this month.  

2 August - National Colouring book Day
5 – 7 August - Twins Day
7 August – Sister’s Day
9 August - Book Lovers Day
10 August - S’mores Day
16 August - Tell a Joke Day
19 August - Men’s grooming Day
20 August - Adopt a homeless animal Day (see our post about adopting Twiggy!)
26 August - National dog Day
30 August - Frankenstein Day (have a look at our Frankenstein naughts and crosses)

In our calendar we have the following events...

5 August – Out with Auntie Lindsey and Jack
6 August – Friends 40th birthday party
7 August – Mummy & Daddy going to the football, T at Auntie Lindsey’s
10 August – Blogger Meet-up with Jess & Bodhi
12 August – Meeting friends for Tapas lunch (This is our favourite Tapas bar!)
12 August – Mummy & Daddy out with friends, T sleepover with Albie, Teddy & Jake
13 August – Blisworth Canal Festival
19 August – Cousin Club!
20 August – Grandma coming for dinner
25 August – T’s last day at nursery!
26 August – Cousin Club
27 August – Daddy out
29 August – 2 September – Away in Clacton (here's a round-up from our last trip to Clacton!)


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  1. Eeeeep big day coming up then with nursery ending. Get the tissues in!!


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