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|OUT AND ABOUT|everdon stubbs, Northants

First I'd better say that we visited Everdon at the beginning of May, it's about a month later now and the bluebells are over, although it's still a fabulous place for a woodland walk or adventure. 

Everdon is located a little south of Weedon, Northants just off of the a5, easily accessible and a lovely drive over the hills.

There's a small car park, but it does fill up quite quickly but with many little pull-ins you can always find somewhere to park by the side of the road. 

We love visiting and for some reason T always wants to be a knight when he goes so he decided to take one of his swords with him. 

Along the paths, there are various 'camps' for children to play in, along with rope swings in the trees.

With trees accessible enough to climb and lots of dens for imaginative play, Everdon is perfect for energetic little ones. Although there are a lot of dogs off of leads.

At the rear of the woodland there's quite a large space perfect for a picnic and for little runs to run about whilst you sit down for a cuppa from your flask! 

We took the burner along with is and had hotdogs followed by juice and cookies,
but a conventional picnic would have been just as good. T and I have taken a flask of hot chocolate and sat down appreciating the views. 

The views are really lovely and all manner of birds can be heard, I've often heard kites & cookoo's calling and you can regularly hear woodpeckers tapping. 

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  1. Looks like such good fun! I love den building and the such. We found a great one last year at Beeston Castle x


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