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|FUN|tuff spot target practice

We recently had lots of fun in the garden using our tuff spot for target practice, I'm really enjoying thinking outside of the box and using our tuff spot for non sensory activities.

You will need:
various squirters and water pistols
tuff spot
bucket of water!

1. I started by drawing some circled numbers on the tuff spot in chalk.

2. T then filled up his squirter and water pistols.

3. Using his best aim, he fired water at each of the numbers, this proved to 'easy' apparently and so he asked me to shout out which number he should shoot which he much preferred!  The idea was to use his gross motor skills to accurately clean off the number.

4. After T bored of the numbers he asked for 'targets' which he enjoyed just as much!

We wiped down the tuff spot and added the numbers back on a couple of times, which made this activity last a good hour and a half including washing it down.
You could extend this activity by having a contest or by calling out a simple sum and washing away the answer.
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