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|FUN|tuff spot bubble station

I recently saw a post on facebook for a bubble station tuff spot which used the whole tuff spot as a giant bubble pan, whilst I loved the idea I didn't really like the idea of wasting all that bubble mix just for T, so on a really hot day last week I created this bubble station for T. I can't find the link, so if it was you or you know who it was please do let me know so I can link back :)

First I got out all of our bubble wands, machines and pans. 

I filled the pans with bubble mix and switched on the bubble machines. 

T loved having somewhere, where everything was kept together and he could make drips without being moaned at! 

I put our bubble station on the floor for easier access. 

This was a massive hit, it would be perfect for parties or play dates and you could extend it by making some of your own bubble wands. 

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  1. great idea especially if you have a few kids round at the same time x



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